"The clock is ticking. Implementation has to be completed by 9th February 2019."

Falsified Medicines Directive

FMD Connect is a custom built solution created specifically to enable its users to be fully compliant in line with the Falsified Medicine Directive legislation.

A partnership you can rely on.

FMD Connect is a custom built solution created specifically to enable its users to be fully compliant in line with the Falsified Medicine Directive legislation. Designed and built in conjunction with Arvato, certified by SecurMed and built for Community Pharmacy Contractors, UK Wholesale and WDL/A holders.

February 2019 is fast approaching and for this reason we have been developing, testing and perfecting our software since 2017 in line with the requirements of Arvato and SecurMed. FMD Connect ensures a fast, simple and cost effective pathway to compliance.

Our solution has been built by industry - for the industry, to move forward together.

FMD Connect

Put simply, our software and dashboards can be used in a number of different ways. Essentially it delivers exactly what's needed to provide compliance for its users in a way that minimises any huge capital outlay or system changes and SOP (standard operating procedures) require only minor changes as a result.

It can be used as a tool to enhance your pharmacy and/or wholesale business taking advantage of the FMD legislation OR it can be used as 'Middleware' to link existing systems to the NMVO/EMVO ensuring compliance is met.

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FMD Connect is delivered and backed up by TEC I.T. Limited, a UK-based I.T. company with over 14 year's experience in delivering, managing and more importantly... SUPPORTING systems of this type.

FMD Connect has been built with a development team that are from a pharmacy and wholesale background to not only solve the seemingly complex issues around FMD, but to ensure the solution we have created is useful!

"We can now take advantage of a regulation change of this magnitude"

It's been built WITH you... FOR you!

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Every single Manufacturer (MAH), Importer/Exporter, wholesaler, hospital, GP, Pharmacy and dispenser within the supply chain across Europe MUST be compliant and 'On Boarded' with FMD before February 2019.... That's a huge change to manage within the industry.

FMD Connect has specifically targeted its solution towards two key areas (for a variety of reasons) - Community Pharmacy and Wholesalers / Distributers / WDL holders. This is the market we know! These are the customers we already serve. Due to the increasing pressures on Community Pharmacy our software model is based on support and backup without huge outlay for these groups.

We also understand the importance of how YOUR data is managed and protected! Never before has it been possible to track the movement of a specific 'Pack' through the supply chain in this way... management of this data is vital and very useful if done correctly.

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The truth is... NOW! FMD Connect has been designed to be very straight forward.

HOWEVER... To fully benefit and be ready for February 2019 the sooner we start to support your business the better.

Get in touch and we can explain how best to achieve what's needed and the steps you need to ensure a smooth, cost effective and beneficial integration.

Do not wait - Contact us to get 'Connected'.

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